"The Chess Software System That Inspires Kids To Think"

Our approach really is different:

  • For twenty years Think Like A King has been recognized as a powerful tool that can make chess successful in any learning environment. And with our new online learning system here at The Chess School, it's even better than ever.
  • The uniquely designed Chess Workouts™ do far more than just teach great chess. They engage every user in a rich and highly descriptive learning process that uses chess to build critical thinking skills.
  • We support thinking not as an afterthought, but as part of an immaculately designed learning structure that also invokes reading, vocabulary, language and analytic skills. All while being completely engaging—and fun!
  • With the powerful motivational features in Chess Club Manager™, rewards no longer go just to the few destined to become gifted competitors.
  • Instead, the entire system is based on driving and rewarding learning effort—because that’s what ultimately leads to successful thinking. And the results couldn’t be more dramatic.
So ask yourself: Do you want to teach just a few good chess players...

Or do you want to teach everyone to Think Like A King?

Chess Admins & Pros

School Districts and Businesses


Novice to Advanced Players

Educational Chess vs. Chess Education

Educators know that chess is far more than just a game. It's an extremely effective way to build critical Executive Function skills in kids. The question is not whether your school has any interest in developing strong chess players, but how chess may be best used to achieve your educational goals.

Learn why our Educational Chess philosophy helps ensure that your program can have maximum educational impact, not just for the best players, but for all students. And why the tools you choose for chess club matter a great deal. Once you know the details, you'll appreciate just how unique Think Like A King really is.

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Chess and Learning Science

See how advances in learning science give us insights into why chess can be such a great educational tool – and how getting maximum benefit from it requires proper implementation. You may be surprised at how this might change the way you want to do things…!

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