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New Coach or School Sign Up
Note: this form is used to sign up as a new Coach AND to register a new group or school.
  • If you are already signed up and wish to set up a new club or school, Sign In and use the New Group or School option in your Manage or Account menu to do so.
  • If you are a coach who has been invited to join an existing club and are not yet a member of The Chess School, you need to respond to the email invitation you received from the chess club in order to register and automatically be linked to that club.

Registering yourself and a new school or club in The Chess School is a simple process:
  1. Enter your personal information on this form and you will shortly receive an email with instructions and a link to confirm your identity.
  2. Click the link and sign in to complete the process by entering information about your group or school and selecting the subscription model that best meets your needs.
  3. Once you have done that, you will have full access to your new online chess club tools.

Personal information to sign you up:

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