Chess Businesses Products and Services

If your business provides chess teaching or coaching services
to multiple schools or after-school programs,
there's a basic question you should be asking yourself:
Why send your customers to other chess sites that inevitably siphon them into their ecosystem?
The Chess School's tools let you have your own online teaching platform—presented under your own brand—and at no cost to you!
Our system lets you extend your reach far beyond the classroom and directly into your customers' homes, to both students AND parents. This pays you dividends in three ways:
  • When Students reinforce what they learn in your classes with the high quality learning material that Think Like A King® is renowned for, they’ll learn faster, get better faster – and your program will get the credit for their ever-greater enthusiasm for chess.
  • When Parents have a direct window into everything their child sees online, can share in the learning themselves at no extra cost, and see notable improvement in both chess and thinking skills faster than ever before, you’ll probably find that customer loyalty and retention rates all improve significantly.
  • Schools can now see concrete metrics on student engagement and achievement that prove the value of your program to existing customers—and help you recruit more.
And best of all, there’s nothing for you to buy!!
Not only does all of this cost you absolutely nothing, you will even see an immediate bump In revenue!

To find out how The Chess School's tools
can do all of this for your chess business,
contact us now.

You'll be very happy that you did!