Think Like A King® Chess Workouts

"Think Like A King had the highest quality instructional content of any chess software we have seen. The clarity of the language and the logical progression of the lessons is exceptional.”

Illinois Chess Association Youth Committee, 2010

The Chess Workouts™ are the teaching arm of the Think Like A King system. Written by experts at teaching chess to children, the Workouts take the work out of learning chess as lessons and puzzles actually come to life on the interactive chessboard. These interactive "digital textbooks" are for everyone from reading-aged children to adults—so the entire family can join in the learning.

The Chess Workouts Series Features

  • Completely engaging and interactive tutorials
  • A comprehensive scholastic curriculum for home or school
  • Chess learning simplified
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Workout Points to track and motivate progress

Each Workout has the content of a complete chess book, and addresses thinking in a different part of the game. Each is fully interactive, and totally engrossing. Each idea is presented with engaging explanations that make the game come alive, providing instant feedback that focuses not just on chess, but on thinking.

Students are rewarded with 'Workout Points' for each page they do in each Chess Workout tutorial, learning their way up our Thinking Belts ladder until they've achieved a Black Belt – in Thinking! The system lets coaches, parents, and students see all learning progress online – a critical part of motivating every student for learning effort independent of competitive chess skills!

The Workouts are like having a private chess coach available anytime, anywhere ready to explain even the most complex ideas in a simple and engaging format. In fact, these may be the first chess 'books' that most kids read 'cover to cover'.

(And our first three volumes now have full audio narration, so even early readers have full access to learning!)

Interactive Chess Books that put the Thinking back into Learning

    Novice Level

    Beginner Level

      Tactical Thinking
      Checkmate Thinking

    Intermediate Level

      Endgame Thinking
      Opening Thinking

    Advanced Level

      More Tactical Thinking
      More Checkmate Thinking

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